Does Adult Boot Camp Weight Loss Work?

Do you have a weight problem? Are you carrying excess pounds? If so you’ll know there are inherent problems with this condition. It puts a strain on your heart. It increases the risk of diabetes. And it makes movement harder and your general wellbeing is not as it should be.

One way to lose weight is to attend a boot camp for overweight adults. Now you might have the wrong idea about these places. First they are not brutal and rigid discipline venues and second, they are strict in getting you to lose weight. After all what’s the point of a weight loss boot camp if the residents go home just as heavy.

The main aim of such a camp is to not only help the residents lose weight but to go home with a plan to keep the weight off. Many people undertake a weight loss program then falls away some time after they lose the weight. This is something a weight loss boot camp aims to avoid. Here are some activities to help you succeed in losing weight and is the sort of information you’ll get at a boot camp.

There must be a total plan for your weight loss. Diet and exercise go together.

List the reason or reasons why you want to lose weight. Have this information to hand at all times. Keep it in your wallet or purse. You need to be reminded why you are doing this.

Over-eating is a no-no. We must eat the right type of food but also the right amount. There is no need to over-eat and doing so will not help you lose weight.

Do you have a back-up team? If not, get one. It might be groups of other people who like you are trying to lose weight. It might be one person or many. But it needs to be a person you can speak with easily in order to take advice or receive encouragement.

Be in charge. Going to a weight loss boot camp means you will have instructors telling you what to do. That’s fine but soon you will be home alone. You need to become the leader of your diet and exercise routine. Take control of your regimen.

Think about motivation. What sort of things will keep you going, what will drive you towards achieving your goals? When you know this thing or things, fall back on it whenever you feel slack or lose the momentum to keep those pounds from creeping back.

Change your routine. If you’re used to eating snacks between meals, stop it or change to a piece of fruit. If you take the elevator at work, change to using the stairs. If you sit and watch TV for hours, break up the routine and take a twenty minute walk in-between shows.

Discover the feeling of hunger. Of course you do not want to starve yourself or anything remotely like that but knowing what it is like to be hungry will be a new experience for many people.

Remember that a boot camp for adults trying to lose weight may well be successful but the true test is if the pounds that came off stay off. Have a plan and stick to it.

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