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How Long is the Navy Boot Camp?

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So you’re young and keen on a career in the Navy. There is no better preparation than eight weeks in the Navy Boot Camp. But first let’s consider your skills when in the water. Do you know the Navy water qualifications? Well here they are.

  • Enter the water feet first from a minimum height of five feet.
  • Remain afloat for five minutes.
  • Swim 50 yards using any stroke or a combination of strokes.

The Navy Boot Camp is held in Great Lakes, Illinois and is two months of really tough work. Mind you the rewards are something special but this boot camp is no summer vacation. The campus at Great Lakes is huge and they’ll be hundreds of navy personnel at the site. And for those doing the boot camp routine, here is a breakdown of your weekly activities.

Week 1

You check in and get issued with your uniform. You’ll learn how to make your bunk, store your gear and get checked out physically. If your hair is long, that will be cut Navy style. There will be plenty of drills including swimming and marching and plenty of Navy classes to attend.

Week 2

This is the time to learn about teamwork. You’ll be placed in pretend situations which you might find in an emergency on board a Navy vessel. Your self-confidence will take a boost as you work with your fellow sailors.

Week 3

The physical stuff just keeps on getting tougher with runs, sit-ups and more. Then you’ll learn all manner of ship drills on a land-based vessel. You’ll learn what to do on board ship as far as rules and etiquette are concerned. It’s fun, tough, demanding and educational.

Week 4

You’ll take a test or two on what you’ve studied to date. And you’ll get experience with weapons. For anyone who has never been involved with a weapon before, this will be a steep learning curve.

Week 5

This week concentrates on your future. You’ll spend time with a recruiter who will help you sort out your priorities and explain the many and varied careers available in today’s modern Navy.

Week 6

More tests only this time of the practical variety such as what to do with a fire on board ship. This is the time to learn how to handle damage to your vessel. Wearing a gas mask and getting used to an emergency. More written tests too as you start to realize you are close to passing this challenging boot camp experience.

Week 7

Battle conditions are simulated and you and your team must react to a dozen different scenarios. Pull off these tests and you will no longer be a recruit but a fully fledged sailor.

Week 8

Graduation in your naval uniform. This is time for personal pride and for your family to see you on display as a success and ready to face a bright future with the Navy.

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