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Outdoor Adventure Boot Camps

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Physical fitness has never been more in the news of late. Governments worry about obesity even in children and we are all encouraged to eat well and exercise regularly. And if a teen is off to a boot camp you should understand that there are all sorts of benefits in so doing; benefits for both the body and the mind. Of course many of us have a treadmill or weights or some such equipment to exercise indoors and in the wild, winter weather that sounds pretty sensible but good healthy exercise outdoors is of great value. And that’s exactly what is on offer in an adventure boot camp. Health experts often promote the right balance with our vitamin intake and one of the best is vitamin D. This we get from the sun and exercising outdoors means you are likely to store up a solid supply of that wonderful vitamin D. Adventure boot camps offer a great variety in the terrain you’ll cover when exercising. There are no flat roads or carpeted lounge rooms. You’ll go up hill and down dale and that brings different muscles into play. Plus the scenery outdoors beats anything you might see indoors. Get out in the open and the sunshine. One of the interesting aspects of exercising indoors is that, in some ways, it isn’t natural. We contrive movements because of the limited space or the equipment we are using. When we walk, jog, climb or swim outdoors, we are using our muscles in a natural way, the way our bodies are meant to operate. Adventure boot camps offer heaps of natural exercise. Your dose of vitamin D is free from the sun and so too is your good health from fresh air which is also free. In a pristine environment, you can breathe wonderful amounts of oxygen all of which can help to strengthen your body’s immune system. People with a strong immune system are far better able to ward off coughs and colds. At an adventure boot camp you need spend little if anything on fancy equipment. There are no machines to mount. This cost saving can be substantial. And when away in the countryside, you have the extra benefit, and again at no cost, of enjoying the wonderful scenery. Whether it is a lake, the ocean, a river, the forest or the mountains, all such wonderful sights and sites are free. And if you add the sunrise or sunset to the equation, your breathtaking view is even better. To top it off there is the nutritional value of attending an adventure boot camp. The qualified and experienced staff members know what to prepare and you can be sure all participants will exercise safely and well and enjoy a tasty and nutritional diet. It’s a total package and one we should consider for our own health and well being. As the old saying goes, if you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything. Exercise well, eat well and watch as your lifestyle improves and then some. Here are additional resources you might be interested in: Boot Camp Programs for Troubled Teens

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