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Turning Winds: A Residential Treatment Center for Adolescents

Turning Winds

Turning Winds is a world-renowned model for alternative boarding schools for teens. By working with established models of behavioral psychology and creating a respectful plan for each individual teen, Turning Winds is able to harness the independent spirit of these “problem kids” and use it to everyone’s advantage. Instead of forcing them into submission, like a military school, and creating an army of fearful followers, Turning Winds uses positive psychology, combined with personalized education, and a combination of group and individual counseling, to nurture each child into their personal best.

Surrounding with the very best experts in personal development, experts who have seen thousands of families transformed by the power of positive psychology is what sets them apart from other alternative boarding schools. Initially, an overall assessment is performed, and experts are able to develop a plan based on each child’s individual personality and aptitudes. A personalized program means that your child, as a whole, is considered every step of the way. It creates an attitude of acknowledgment that is so important for teens who feel like “No one listens to me.” The goal is an empowering situation where teens make lifelong decisions and are supported in an environment that doesn’t expect teens to be lazy and self-indulgent.

The fresh air of the Montana woods gives teens an “anything is possible” mentality that is usually only found in summer camps. Far from a vacation in the woods, though, this troubled teen facility uses their scenery and natural surroundings to encourage teens to challenge themselves. A struggling child who experiments with drugs and alcohol is suddenly faced with a real healthy challenge on a 3-day outdoor adventure. Icy dips in the lake and time to stare up at the clouds allows teens to begin making better decisions, and the professional, caring staff ensures that each teen meets their own highest standards.

“Jonathan is doing wonderfully. He’s 18 now, going to college at the University of Colorado and staying in a dorm. He also has a full-time job as a sous chef at a four-star restaurant in Colorado Springs, and he very much enjoys his work. His personality has vastly improved, and I can honestly say that in more than a year since he’s been home we haven’t had a single argument with him. That’s never happened before! Rebecca and I do not begrudge a moment Jonathan spent with you. He is miraculously improved now and we really enjoy having him around; we’re proud of what he’s accomplished. Thanks for your help.”

– Kevin (Parent, last name withheld)

With a personalized education, each student at the Turning Winds alternative school benefits from the kind of learning that usually, only homeschooling families can afford. Instead of being distracted by a social environment that ends up interfering with learning, teens are allowed to learn at their own pace, often faster than ever before. Individual skills are refined and retaught when necessary. Confidence in their ability to learn returns and social relationships are based upon mutual cooperation, common interests, and respectful partnerships, more like the real world.

Consider why the Turning Winds Academy has a reputation for success with even the most troubled of problem children. It’s an approach in alternative education that Turning Winds pioneered, and has become the model for other programs all over the country. Personalized education, individual and group counseling, and appreciation for each teen’s unique personality is what sets them apart as a first class alternative boarding school boot camp.

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