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Boot Camps for Troubled Teens in Phoenix, AZ | Boys and Girls

Boot Camps for Troubled Teens in Phoenix AZ

Boot camps for troubled teens in Phoenix, AZ are designed to be an abrupt wake-up call. But are teenage boot camps effective? Boot camps for troubled teens are often used by parents who have teens that struggle with behavioral disorders, among other issues. Boot camps use “behavioral modification” as their main modality for change, but the behavioral modification, in this case, is “fear and intimidation.” Through a boot camp experience in Phoenix, AZ, sometimes known as an “alternative school,” you will find a bunch of authority figures yelling and screaming at the teenagers. This is very similar to what you would find in a US Military Boot Camp—but troubled teens do not belong in a US Military Boot Camp.

The fact is, the behavioral changes (improvements) that come through a boot camp for troubled teens do not last very long. The changes are sometimes immediate, as children are cowed into obedience, but once home again, the same patterns of behavioral disorder and anger come through again. A troubled teenager needs therapy, rather than shame and manipulation. We can help you find the perfect alternative to a boot camp.

Looking for an Alternative School Program to Help Your Troubled Teen?

As parents look for alternative school programs for their troubled teen, it is good to keep in mind the better possibilities such as residential treatment programs and therapeutic boarding schools. It is our recommendation to parents of troubled boys and girls that they steer clear of boot camps for troubled teens in Phoenix, AZ.

In fact, many teenagers who experience boot camps come out angry, turn away from their parents, and drop into deeper rebellion. When teenagers have emotional trauma at the core of their “acting out” issues, a military academy is the last place they need to be. Rather than a “behavior modification school,” these struggling kids need therapy, education, and care.

Parents of Troubled Teenagers Looking for Boot Camps in Phoenix, AZ

Parents often wonder where to send troubled teenagers. Often labeled “bad kids,” these teens that struggle cause their parents to look elsewhere for help. While there are schools for troubled teenagers that provide long-lasting therapy and anger management, boot camps for troubled teenagers are often more harmful than helpful.

They perpetuate the anger and provide only a temporary solution to rebellion. Teens will stay silent in boot camp, but then fire out at parents and teachers again once out, as they were forced to bottle it inside while they were contained.

When troubled teens display drug abuse, addiction issues, eating disorders, psychological disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, autism, and/or social disorders they need more than a boot camp in the Phoenix, AZ area. These teens need clinical support and therapeutic services.

Help for Behavioral Disorder in Troubled Teens from Phoenix, AZ

parents with daughter happyIf you as a parent of a troubled teen in or near Phoenix, AZ is experiencing major problems with your child such as behavioral disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, emotional instability, and learning disabilities, then we at can help you find the right treatment program for your child. For a troubled teen of this nature, a boot camp is not at all helpful—rather, a school or program (therapeutic structured facility) will help to conquer these issues once and for all.

For help with behavioral disorders in teens, residential treatment programs are far better than any boot camp program every could be. For oppositional defiance disorder, and other disorders appropriate for behavioral therapy, residential treatment provides the ideal setting, with therapy and learning both for the troubled teen and your family.

Tips For Families Living in the Phoenix, AZ Area

Banner Behavioral Health Suicide Prevention Hotline – Suicide is one of the leading causes of violent death in the United States. Banner Health recognizes that suicide is an expanding difficulty in our nation, and wants to extend the opportunity of their techniques to assist you and your family.

Community Partnership of Southern Arizona (CPSA) – CPSA is the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) appointed by the state of Arizona to regulate and direct publicly-funded behavioral health services for children, adults, and their families.

Here at, we recognize that one circumstance doesn’t apply to all of our clients. Because of this, each residential treatment center we represent is dedicated to the management of each child’s needs, and they do this with precision and care. We help troubled teens from Phoenix, AZ learn the value of working hard and see themselves reflected in a new and healthier light.

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The most popular request we receive is “Are there any free services or programs to help?”. Sadly we do not know of any. The good news is that if you have private insurance there are some really good options. The best therapeutic programs in the industry last at least 6 months. If you are ready for a therapeutic program choose that option below. If you are looking for affordability or are using Medicaid then the best course of action is to search for Free Services for Troubled Teens on Google or to contact your local county services. 

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