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10 Important Juvenile Boot Camp Statistics

Initial levels of anxiety were slightly higher for boot camp youths when compared to those entering a traditional facility.

Boot camps have been found to have an up to 8% increase in the chances of a juvenile becoming a re-offender.

Girls who enter into a juvenile boot camp program history are up to 5x more likely to have a history of sexual or physical abuse.

For children who have been subjected to domestic violence, the environment of a juvenile boot camp can become an immediate trigger that brings trauma.

The average length of stay in a juvenile boot camp program: 90 days.

Recidivism rates for some juvenile boot camp programs has been found to be as high as 80% when dropout rates are included in their statistics.

Although there are many benefits, youth in juvenile boot camps are more likely to see their staff as dangerous when compared to a traditional facility.

Boot camps are the least likely to admit youth who have psychological problems or are rated to be at a suicide risk.

The first juvenile boot camp was developed in Orleans Parish, LA, in 1985.

The recidivism rate for juvenile boot camp participants in Cleveland, OH: 96%.

Source:  Excerpt from Health Research Funding 18 Important Juvenile Boot Camp Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

In the United States, Teen Boot Camps are an alternative to juvenile detention centers for non-violent youth offenders. The concept is based in military-style boot camps and uses tough and often dangerous tactics to “break” down teens using harsh physical and mental discipline.  

These teen boot camps are not affiliated with the military or the government, most are independently operator. Many boot camps have been closed due to abuse, neglect, and harm caused to participants. 

Teenagers who attend teen boot camps often suffer from PTSD for years after.  To learn more about the effectiveness see the 10 Important Juvenile Boot Camp Statistics 

Wilderness programs for teens who are struggling with mental health disorders are a better alternative than juvenile boot camps.  Wilderness therapy offers intervention,  adventure-based therapy along with mental health strategies, and a supportive environment to help troubled teens to learn new skills and learn to manage their emotions. 

Wilderness Therapy Programs for teens offer interventions and various therapeutic options. These programs also remove teens from the negative environment offering them more opportunities for personal growth. 

Distraction-Free Environment, Outdoor Adventure Challenging Experience, and Clinically Proven Healing Techniques. 

Some teen boot camps rebranded themselves as behavioral modification programs for troubled teens.  Yet, they still follow the same outdated practices: harsh discipline and neglectful tactics.  The staff does not have psychological or educational training.  There are no clinical personnel on staff and the “counselors” are not certified.  

Unlike behavioral modification programs and teen boot camps, therapeutic programs offer treatment for the whole child.  There’s a focus on the child’s emotional, mental, behavioral health, and academic life. 

The typical day in a juvenile boot camp is busy with exercise and other physical challenges. Many of those challenges will call upon the teenagers in the camp to work together or they cannot make it through what they must do. 

Due to the military style, shock-treatment, and behavior modification techniques used by teen boot camp. Boot camps for troubled teens were proven to cause more harm than good.  While Teen Wilderness Programs are more effective and offers more proven therapeutic options. 

Wilderness programs also removes your troubled teen from their negative environment giving your child the opportunity for personal growth without familiar distractions.

 In short, wilderness programs are proven to be more effective than boot camps. 

As parents, many times we wonder whether our adolescent children are in need of help. We created an interactive quiz to help you identify if your teenager needs immediate intervention. To see if your troubled teenager is an out-of-control teen.  You can visit our Assessment Test Page.  

Our family counselors can help, call us now at 1 (844) 835-8066 

The New Boot Camp is Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy has proven more effective and can help your child heal!

Do you believe your child needs help, does he or she need "a lesson" or "to get some discipline"?
Boot Camps for Troubled Teens Are Not the Answer.
We DO NOT endorse teen boot camps because they were proven ineffective and dangerous. Learn More!

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