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How Do Teen Boot Camps Differ From Military Boot Camp?

teens at boot camp

teens on boot camps

Military boot camps also referred to as juvenile boot camps, are residential intervention programs designed as a treatment for troubled teenagers. These camps adopt the same code of rules and regulations of the U.S. military recruit training

camps and feature a short-term, high-intensity instruction designed to develop the campers’ physical, mental and emotional strength.

Military boot camp programs are systems that have existed since the 1980s and which have helped hundreds of families. Lately, these programs are gaining appreciation not only as a corrective facility for problem teenagers but also as a life-enriching experience wherein teenagers, with or without problems, can also enroll and learn valuable lessons. In fact, as focus began to broaden, many of these camps began declining applications of children with severe problems that can put other campers at risk—usually problems that involve drugs or the law.


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