Can Teenage Boot Camps Really Help Kids & Teens With Behavioral Issues?

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Teenage boot camps are designed to create a radical change in troubled youth. A good camp can help even the most disrespectful, disobedient kid turn around his behavior and create respect for adult authority. Most parents turn to boot camp as a last resort. If you feel that you’ve tried everything and are at your wit’s end, and this may be your only choice. After all, the worse thing a parent can do is give up on troubled teens because this can have dire consequences, put your child into a downward spiral (even though outwardly, he seems to refuse your help) and destroy his entire life.

Most teenagers are rebellious at some point, but some kids are off the charts. If, for instance, you have a teen who has already been in trouble with the law, then you have a serious problem on your hands. If your child is defiant at home, then he is serving as a role model for younger children and training them to do the same. When you live in a house where there is constant fighting, then this can hurt your marriage and at the very least, destroy any sense of peace and happiness in your home.

Teenage Boot camp Discipline

Teenage boot camps can teach your child many things, but the most important lesson may be the discipline that is learned through the experience. The problem is that while your child will learn respect for adult authority (because discipline at the camp is enforced), this new-found respect may not necessarily transfer to you. 

This is why I always recommend that parents try an alternative to teenage boot camps first by using an at-home behavioral program that was specifically developed to help troubled, defiant kids turn their lives around.

In fact, the program was developed by a therapist who was once a troubled youth himself and knows from the inside out what it takes to turn a child around. He has helped countless kids with his at-home teen boot camp program and in his practice. 

The advantages of an at-home program over a boot camp are that the parent works with the child, learning ways of dealing with the child that will get results and help the kid make good choices that will make him want to keep doing better in the future.

Conclusion about teenage boot camps

Best of all, as the adolescent children start to feel better about his life, he will respect you for taking the time to help him change his behavior. If you do decide that a teenage boot camp is a way to go, then consider a therapeutic program like a wilderness therapy program or residential treatment centers and make sure to check it out.  A child who has mental health issues should never go to a juvenile boot camp for troubled teens.

Many boot camps have been closed due to the abuse of children.  Some teenage boot camp results are positive, but in some cases, children have died at these camps, so make sure you understand the program and the rules of discipline. Search online for comments from other parents about their wilderness camp experience and if you still have questions, the staff should be willing to answer your concerns.


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